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DC-430MA P


DC-430MA P

Make a full body composition within 15 seconds, easy to read and automatically turned out.

Thanks to dual frequency BIA technology, the TANITA DC-430MA P runs a complete body composition analysis within 15 seconds. Results are instantly displayed on the easy-to-read LCD and the integrated printer automatically prints the results. This includes top-line analysis of body fat, muscle mass, BMR and physical score.

The DC-430MA P is medically accredited to the accuracy MDD Class II-a and NAWI Class III, making it well suited for use within a medical environment. By scanning clients’ bodies using dual frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), an accurate picture of their health is obtained.

The DC-430MA P consists of a stable platform and a column mounted display and control panel. This body composition monitor has a tripod for added stability for the patient.

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DC-430MA P